Phish Vish

City Emails Target

David Diaz, Staff Writer

By David Diaz

Staff Writer

Lowell, MA- LHS students and staff should be on guard against ‘dangerous phishing emails.’  In the City of Lowell many facilities have recently received emails with false information and from unreliable sources.

According to a recent ‘Threat Alert’ email correspondence from the Lowell Public School District Help Desk, the phishing emails have been addressed to city employees.  Deemed ‘dangerous’ in the correspondence, the emails have been addressed to certain facilities which include City Hall, Fire Dpt, Police Dpt, and Schools.

Emails are seemingly believable with subjects as,

  • “Important message from the City of Lowell
  • “Important message about your account’’
  • “Your account will expire soon”
  • “Your account has expired”

Seemingly enough students from Lowell High School haven’t received any phished emails. These type of emails look genuine but the goal from these emails is to gain your personal information.

In the email, the City of Lowell MIS department recommends that no one share any personal information including passwords or dates of birth.

This isn’t the first time that the city’s emails have been suspected as “hacked”. Previous events includes when Lowell High School was forced to have their students change their school emails passwords.  The City of Lowell MIS recommends vigilance regarding such emails:

MIS urges everyone to be cautious about any unexpected activity on their PCs (e.g., sudden slow down, excessive hard drive activity, pop-up windows, etc.), reminds you to power down any PCs exhibiting these symptoms, and reminds you to contact the MIS Help Desk immediately so that we may assess any potential threats to our systems.

If you see this kind of an email, DON’T CLICK IT. This is for your benefit and for your safety.