Petite Rower, Focused

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By Alexandra Mai

One Lowell High School student is a hardworking young woman who loves doing sports even though her size can interfere with the sport she loves most.

At first sight she’s a petite girl, reaching 5’2″ at most, so you wouldn’t assume that Jordan Gauthier is the captain of the girls varsity team for the crew team, where the work is hard.

“I’ve been on the crew team for about 4 years, I’ve been on varsity for about 3 and a half, and I’m the captain this year, so I’ve spent a total of 8 seasons,” said Gauthier.

“I used to hate running 6 miles every day, but I’m definitely used to it now, but that was really the one thing that I hate about it, but I definitely like it a lot more now that I’ve gotten used to it. ”

Jordan loves being a part of the crew team, she’s been on it for a total of four years and she’s loved every second of it.

“Freshman, sophomore, and junior year I was a rower, and I started coxing the end of sophomore year so I was a rower and a coxswain, so right now I’m just a coxswain and getting ready to go to a school and be on the crew team for either Bryant University or URI,” said Gauthier.

Jordan used to be too small to be a rower. She loved crew, but she wasn’t able to do as well as the other people of her level because of her size.

“The conflict with being a rower, I was kind of small, I mean I wasn’t bad but in order to get a good scholarship from college especially and to get scouted, I switched over to being a coxswain because that was more reasonable, and it kind of worked out because now I did get onto a team at Bryant university, so I’ll probably end up there if anything,” said Gauthier.

Jordan’s glad she made the switch to being a coxswain, and she knows that she’ll make it farther as a coxswain rather than a rower, and she still does the exercise rowers do plus more.

“Normally some coxswains choose not to [exercise] for some reasons, but I do because I like to keep my weight as a coxswain, well definitely not like wrestling, but kind of like wrestling, we kind of need to look at our weight because, well right now I’m in an open weight boat, but for college I’m probably going to be in a lightweight boat where coxswains have a certain weight limit that they have to be for different general areas of the boats,” said Gauthier.