A Different View of Alexandra Mai

By Matthew Franzen

Lowell, MA-Alexandra Mai, a 15 year-old sophomore at Lowell High School, has a dream to work for the federal government someday.

To acquire her dream she is dedicated to hard work and staying out of trouble.

According to Mai, often times you not only have to demonstrate your academic competence in government work but also you have to have a clean criminal record.

That’s mature thinking for a teenager whose hobbies include watching anime shows.

She isn’t in a relationship but she’s certain of her love of pasta with marinara sauce.  It’s her favorite meal.

Family is also important to her.  She has four siblings and adores every single one of them.

Alexandra prefers the summer and the beach over the winter and the mountains.  Since she has no idea how to ski or snowboard, it’s probably better that way.

She is a bright person with amazing potential with which to achieve her dream.  If she continues her current trajectory, Alexandra may be known someday as Representative Mai as part of the federal legislature.