LHS Student Aspires to Make a Difference

By Joe Foley

Lowell, MA-The halls of Lowell General Hospital come to life in 1999 with the cry of a newborn girl. Her proud parents Arthur and Elaine Em cradle their darling infant in their arms. She is named Darlene Sothea Em, the middle child of 3 daughters, and she will grow up to become the very same Lowell High School student that this reporter interviews in 2014.

Growing up in the Highlands of Lowell, Darlene mainly spent her time around her family. However, if she ever faces a choice between friends and family, Darlene says “…probably friends. Just because family you’re born into, friends you choose.”

Darlene does n’t think much of outside influence when it comes to her personal development.  She wouldn’t identify a particular person responsible for her character.

“Not one specific person. It’s me who shapes me; all the other people were just there. I choose who I am,” she declares.

However, Darlene does have her own personal quest to impact someone else’s life.

“I want to save a life,” said Darlene, when asked of one thing she wants to do before she dies.

As an aspiring teacher, Darlene is committed to changing and influencing the lives of children and to help them pursue whatever dreams they wish to accomplish.  She may just save that life through education.

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