Beneficial, a Student Profile about Estefania Pichazaca

David Diaz

Lowell High doesn’t stop anyone from coming here to this acedemy. With several countries represented in this school, Ecuador’s Estefania Pichazaca comes for a brighter future.


Pichazaca didn’t always live here, a while back she moved over here to the States for a better education and to meet up with her parents. Her parents had already moved here before she had, and in order to reunite with their daughter they had to work tirelessly.


Reading is very important upon entering the new country. Pichazaca has adopted this activity as a hobby to help her practice with her English. Despite not like reading in her native language, Spanish. Pichazaca pushes herself to keep reading in English because she knows it’ll eventually benefit her.  “It’s not really that fun but I have to do it.”. Even with knowing English and Spanish, Pichazaca is still interested into learning another language, French. “I think I should stay on one for just now” she jokingly says.


Despite not being from around here Pichazaca still fits in like an everyday teen. 17 and going on to senior year she hopes to graduate in 2018 with the rest of her class.