Lowell High School Sound Impressions’ 4th Director in 4 Consecutive Years

Descoteaux follows family footsteps

David Diaz

LOWELL MA 10/13/17 – Last year for the Lowell High Sound Impressions, students were over joyed to brush the top spot in the Show Choir circuit under the direction of Ms. Becky Bussiere.  However, change has been a common theme in the past few years and these LHS crooners will endure a new director yet again

While director for 2016 to 2017, Bussiere, had an impactful role to these choir kids but this year a Descoteaux will again fill the director’s role. Sam Descoteaux will take the 2017-18 role and the pressure to defend the gold medal and show choir title.

Sam Descoteaux is delighted to take up the new role and is excited to work with kids that have a wide amount of talents and quirks, and for some of those students this isn’t their first time with a Descoteaux.

In 2015 Andy Descoteaux, Sam’s father, was the static director for the Choir, before he retired and directors began to change every year. Sam Descoteaux will be continuing the tradition to direct the Choir.

Since Sam’s father retired, this would be the 4th year in a row where the show choir would have a new director. For students that are graduating in 2018, they have had 4 different directors throughout their time in Show Choir.

Bussiere had orignally come from Shepard Hill High School, and during last year she had taught both the Lowell High Sound Impressions as well as SHHS.

The LHS choir had earned gold medals, and earned very high scores putting them in contention for a top show choir school. 

“I knew that she was highly respected in the show choir community. Just guessing from how well she did for other groups,” said Olivia Barrett, a junior and now a 3 year member for the Show Choir Sound Impressions.

Bussiere then went to work on what would be LHS’ highest valued production they had ever had, The Wizard of Oz.

Later on after the performance in May, students quickly heard of word from Bussiere that she was leaving. Several students expressed their personal connections and their sorrow to her departure.