Scarred but still moving forward

Ugandan pursues happiness in America

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Scarred but still moving forward

Devin Thongthepsomphou, Student

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By Devin Thongthepsomphou

Lowell, MA- Coming to America 2 years ago adapting to the new social environment has been a change compared to her home in Uganda

Grace is her name and she is a senior here in LHS. She compares the education system here in America is free but it cost money to attend in Uganda.

Grace said that living in America is better than living in her home country. She lives with her mom and supports her with her job working at a day care center.

She so busy with her life she barely has time to do anything if she’s not working then she’s studying for school.

An important person once said, “For one to be successful they must struggle.”

Grace is not afraid of a struggle.  And she has dreams.

Grace would like to acquire a scholarship in the medical field as a nurse. Her dreams include plans to travel all across Europe when she does become successful. She said that this is her American dream and her plan when she came here.

Grace’s life would be better and she would be more successful here in America.