One LHS student from Brazil

Aspires to medicine


Evan DeFronzo, Staff Reporter, LHS Review

By Evan DeFronzo

Luiz is an 18-year-old senior here at Lowell High School who didn’t always live here.

He moved here to the United States 2 years ago from South America.  Luiz lived in Brazil for 14 years and spoke Portuguese.  When he first came here to Lowell High, he studied in

English Language Learner classes.

Currently, Luiz is taking Honors classes but he got there through the patience and support of the English Language Learner department.   

 “I think the ELL is the best part of Lowell High.”

The ELL courses at LHS helped Luiz develop his reading, writing and speaking skills.   It was very helpful to incorporate the new students and let them gradually improve  their English speaking skills, according to Luiz.

He also wants to go to college for medical, most likely in the area of brain function; but he wants to work to save up money before taking on that education.

Luiz lives his life with religious values.

“Everything that happened in my life would not be possible without Jesus,” said Luiz.