Zuleta puts mind to sport

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Zuleta puts mind to sport

Mackenzie Perrin, Staff Reporter, LHS Review

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By Mackenzie Perrin

One LHS student George Zuleta is a disciplined 3-year varsity soccer player and a Captain to boot for the LHS Red Raiders.  One of the highlights of his time at LHS  was being the only freshman to make the team in 2015.  Zuleta was honored to be named Captain of the team this year.

“You can achieve whatever you put your mind to.”

George draws inspiration from this quote.

Zuleta is a 17 year-old junior who attended St. Michael School for nine years before coming downtown.   George was born in the City at Saints Memorial Hospital. 

As Captain of the LHS Varsity soccer team, George has high expectations for the team in a very competitive Merrimack Valley Conference.  George has been playing soccer for almost fourteen years.  George led the LHS soccer team with a season record 10-4.  George led the team to another well deserved Merrimack Valley Conference Championship.  The soccer team made it to the first round of the state tournament, but sadly lost 4-0.  George is focused on leading the team to their first state title next year with practice and determination.   

Beyond sports, George has a job at Market Basket and also works for Mr. Bolianites at LHS.  George hopes for the long term a career as a police officer. Zuletta isn’t the biggest fan of school but loves to see his friends and learn about new topics in school.