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A future flyer shares her story

Odiase Williamson, Staff Reporter

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Ashika Tamang is a Junior at LHS and wants to become a Flight Attendant.


By Odiase Williamson

Lowell, MA- Some may want to become a doctor and others may want to become a scientist but this LHS student wants to become something different. This junior wants to become a Flight Attendant.

Meet Ashika Tamang and her big plans. She is originally from a country in South Asia called Nepal. Ashika later moved to the United States and is now a resident in this City after moving from Georgia with her two siblings.

Ashika enjoys where she lives now more than where she used to live. According to Ashika, Lowell is a better place to live than Georgia.

 “It is more secure in Lowell than other places I’ve lived,” Ashika.

Not only that but school is also enjoyable for her too. Even though by the end of the school day Ashika might get tired because of all the work in English language, she still has a good time.

Ashika Tamang always wanted to become a Flight Attendant. Ever since she was young she has been infatuated with traveling around to different places and wanting to become an Flight Attendant.  A Flight Attendant also known as an Air hostess is someone who travels on the flights and planes with other passengers, making sure the flight was enjoyable.

According to Ashika it is a “hard working job that requires a lot of focus” but once achieved it will become enjoyable.

Even though she is in Lowell right now, traveling around the world as a Flight Attendant will become the extension of her already existing journey.

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A future flyer shares her story