Lowell Vs Andover on Homecoming Night

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On Friday, October 19, the Red Raiders faced a bittersweet match against Andover, losing by just one point (26 – 25). Despite the loss, we crowned Kat Crabtree Homecoming Queen out of the five contestants running.


The game starts out in high hopes with Lowell gaining an early lead. Trades are given throughout the first half, keeping a close tie of 19-19. Andover’s aggressive pushes combat Lowell’s wavering defense, but ultimately the teams stay tied until half time.


The five contestants for Homecoming Queen make their way out onto the field. Kat Crabtree, Hannah Erickson, Laura Heslin, Nakama Kamara and Sarah Larned stand beside their partners, and wait for the results. The announcer, Mr.Crowe, states that the winner is Kat Crabtree. The crowd applauds as the break for half time wraps up, and the game resumed.


Starting off third quarter, we see trades among the teams but no touchdowns. Suddenly, Lowell is able to break away from the stalemate and make a strong push against Andover. Brendan Tighe carries the ball close to the end zone, but is caught last second. This leaves the teams still tied 19-19 by the end of the third quarter.


Lowell and Andover keep it safe with some small plays against both sides, but the last three minutes of the game start to heat up. Andover is able to push through and gain a touchdown and field goal, changing the scores to 19-26 with a little more than two minutes remaining. Lowell develops strong defense throughout, trying their best to stop another score for Andover.


The last minute of the game gives hope to Lowell. After a missed pass, the team drives forward and is able to score a touchdown. The audience waits with bated breath as Lowell sets up for the field goal. Unfortunately, the goal is missed, and the clock runs out. The game ends Andover Lowell 26-25, leaving a bittersweet end for Homecoming.