My Refugee Camp

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Nu Poe

I lived in the Nu Poe refugee camp in Thailand until age 15.

By Mo Plow

I want to tell about my Refugee camp.  In the past my family lived in Nu Poe refugee camp in Thailand.  There are many cultures and different religions.  Some people and partisan leaders donated food and supplies.  The partisans were against the government in my country.  In the Nue Poe camp we had many schools and many churches and a hospital.  Once a month we would go to pick up some rice, oil, chili, salt,  and beans.  On Monday and Friday some people sold vegetable meat, fish and some fruits.  My parents did n’t have a job in the camp.  There were trouble makers.  If you don’t run from them, then you were done luckily. No one in my family got to a fight.