The Minority is the Majority

Kimleng Kit

Children who are exposed to diverse environments tend to get a headstart in career preparation. Since students from different backgrounds tend to approach a problem according to their experiences, they are more likely to come up with a creative outcome. Studies from Harvard Business Law also suggest that “higher cognitive diversity correlates with better performance.” 


Lowell, Massachusetts, is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, with the majority of the ethnicity being Asian. Lowell high school, which is located in downtown Lowell, is ranked 3rd in the “2020 Most Diverse Public High Schools in Massachusetts”, according to Niche. Approximately 3100 students are attending the high school with students’ ethnicity ranging from African, Latin American, Native American, Hispanic, White, Asian, and multiracial. 


Why does it matter? Children need to be surrounded by unfamiliar backgrounds for them to expand their knowledge regarding cultural differences. In the future, they will learn to be accepting of different ideas and be exposed to cultural appropriation. In a work setting, they will be expected to engage in a community consisting of various customs from all around the world.