Lowell Internships

A Quick Look into Local Internships!

Portia Yeboah

Lowell Humane Society: Animal Care Internship- this program offers a wide variety of skills to take care of animals. Clean and feed dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals. Also, learn about medication. This is unpaid.

There is also a volunteering opportunity at the animal shelter. Every 2nd Sunday, they have an orientation. Help is always wanted 🙂 


Congress Internships: Lori Trahan- Summer internship from May to August in her district office in downtown Lowell. There you will be planning events, scheduling meetings, drafting letters, and taking part in political meetings. This is unpaid. Applications are due April 10th. 


Become a Volunteer LGH: Lowell General Hospital- Jr Track Volunteering is for 16-18-year-olds who have an interest in medicine and health. You will be helping out at Lowell General Hospital in different departments. This is an all year long opportunity, and 100 hours must be given per year. Either from 3-6 or from 4-7. 


MOS Internships: Museum of Science- This is a paid internship in Boston, Massachusetts. For 14-19-year-olds who are interested in STEM, then this is for you. There are a variety of positions, depending on a different field of science; all posts require communication skills, and excellent customer service for the visitors, maintenance of exhibits, overall interest in the subject. The job’s salary and schedule vary. Applications are due March 8th. 


 NE Aquarium: This is a paid internship. There are different types of work at the aquarium. You could choose a cashier, a tour guide, a camp counselor, or work at the gift shop. This job’s salary and schedule vary. Applications are due March 21. It takes place in Boston.


MITRE- This is a paid internship. To be qualified, you must have an interest in technology and overall efficient computer skills. It would help if you also had a 3.0 + GPA, an interest in math and science, and an easy commute. This is reserved for those going into their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Applications are due March 2nd. It takes place in Bedford, Massachusetts. (Links Below)


High School Intern (Bedford) 

Technology Senior Intern (Bedford) 

Summer 2020 Student Development MITRE