Awesome Resources For Students During Quarantine

Kimleng Kit

4 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy


This video provides tips on how you can maintain your mental health. While it is important to be physically healthy, it’s also essential to keep what’s going on in your mind in check. Being stuck in a pandemic and even worse being locked inside the house all day can have a detrimental affect on your mental health. Here are some ways that can potentially lessen the occasional sadness or anxiety of being trapped indoors.



Stoicism is a philosophy that emphasizes applying logics to the view of the world around you. The new online school system isn’t perfect, and it causes a lot of stress for some students. Sometimes the anxiety is because of something they can’t control. My favorite saying from a stoic is “rather than troubling yourself by possible futures, which you cannot control, concern yourself only with your actions, and your character, which you can control.” This can be applied to online learning. There will be technical difficulties, concerns with grades, or communication issues in the future. The quote encourages people to focus on what they can change since there’s no solution to things you don’t have the ability to change. If stoicism sounds interesting, you can learn more about it from the video.


How To Find Fulfilling Work

We live in a capitalist society where the goal is to make the most amount of money in order to afford materialistic things. Some people are willing to take on a job with the motivation to make the most money. Life becomes more dull when you settle for something you’re not passionate about everyday for the rest of your life.. This can be a guide for people who are still exploring their passions and are looking for a career in the future.