Teenage Flirting; awkward, but timeless

Jayanny Oliveira

It manifests itself. in the rush to get out of class, just so I could pass him in the halls.

in that small lean, so you’re resting a head on their shoulder, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. 


It’s not much, but

It still makes you float 

When you think about it too hard.


Offering up an excited smile, 

Even when it seems


Just so they feel comfortable. 

In making room for her 

To share her thoughts, 

And getting the chance to hear her laugh, 

Or seeing those hooded eyes roll

As they looked over and meet mine.


The short hugs, the pouts, 

The timeless glances

When sitting in another loud classroom.


The squeals that come after awkward 

And fast-paced messages 

That cannot be unsent. 

The ‘seen’ at the bottom 

Of yet another phone screen. 

Those three dots just 

Waiting to get back to you. 


To you. 


The ugly cries that 

Catch you by inherent surprise 

And make you laugh 

In reminiscing. 


The heart’s attempts at escaping 

It’s ribbed chamber, 

When listening to the song

They suggested. 

That same excited heart diving 

To your toes at the inkling 

Of rejection. 

The resting cocoons in your lungs, 

Just waiting to birth butterflies 

With every glance between us.


Joy is of the borne-lover, 

And their thoughtless fancies. 

The girl, just filled to the brim 

With her little infatuations. 

The boy, who can’t get 

A smile out of their head.

A person, fully whole

Just looking for another pair

Wanting to spend some time

With them.


If we could stay like that, I would like it very much. 

Not to abstain, but 

Not to fall into love, at all. 

Just crushes. 


Just. puppy love, they say.