Friend to Friend

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection

The Storyteller

The day I saw you, you gave me life,

Your love and care I couldn’t deny

We were so pure.


When you would give the lightest kiss

You marked me with a love I’ll miss

That won’t decay.


Oh, how much it hurts to say

That the love you gave, you’ll take away.


How I wish I could stroke your face,

Your beauty always leaves me dazed,

You’re a bright White Queen.


Though now our romance has reached the end,

Forever I’ll love you, my close friend.

You dispel the gray.


And though today my heart still aches,

My heart still fills with joy you make.


I’ll lie forever in your debt,

I’ll love you always, friend to friend.


And though the Earth turns old and grey,

I’ll be by your side ‘til my dying day.