Euphoria Season 2 Trailer

Portia Yeboah

Euphoria is a show more than your typical teenage angst. It portrays daily struggles of being better and the stress of high expectations. Many of which high schoolers can relate to.

The first of two special episodes ahead of the Season 2 premiere of the HBO hit drama was teased in the new trailer. The scene opens up with Rue, played by Zendaya, alone in a dim cafe. It cuts to different perspectives of her sitting and reflecting in the booth. The solemn look on her face implies regret and worry. Then we see flashbacks to the last episode of season one when Jules left, and Rue stayed. “Maybe I deserve it,” echoes as the scene goes on. We get back to the cafe once again, only this time Rue isn’t alone. Ali, played by Colman Domingo, sits across from her, asking. “Rue, why’d you call me.” There is a close up on Rue’s face, her melancholy eyes saying everything yet nothing at all.

I feel like with this new season, Ali’s presence is going to be greater. Before, he was a recurring character and just a way for Rue to explain her thoughts without many monologues. He may turn into a voice in Rue’s thoughts, her words echoing his. Ali is a former drug addict and clearly, has much wisdom to share. That’s why Rue calls him. Ali had previously told Rue that Jules was possibly a substitute for the drugs. But now that the drugs and Jules are gone, what’s next? Do we get a Rules reunion, a relapse, or something else entirely?

A new episode of Euphoria airs Sunday, December 6th, on HBOmax.