The Product of a Compromise

Edna Bonsu

Marry the love of your life

At least that’s what everyone says

Marry your best friend, someone you can have a great time with

The person who takes your breath away and makes time standstill 

Someone with whom you can enjoy the ride that is life


I don’t think they ever got this advice 

I think they settled. They both did 

They took what was handed to them and never looked back

Never thought twice or stopped to read the fine print

Maybe they should have

Looked at bit longer that is

Fought a bit harder, and asked the right questions

Who knows? Maybe eventually they would’ve found their true loves, their best friends 


But they didn’t 


And instead, I have inherited the trauma of their union 

I do not know what love looks like 

I know what resentment and inconsistency look like, but love? I do not 

Will anyone ever love me?

Or has the damage been done? Is it too late to undo it all?

Maybe I should just say thank you and move on 


Thank you m & d