What I Truly Most Desire

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection

The Storyteller

On Monday I go write another poem,

Tuesday I play waltzes for the choir.

But fear not, my queen, I will always make some time for you,

For your love is what I truly most desire.


We can dine in Boston town this Wednesday evening,

Thursday I will grab you by the hand,

I’d love to visit all the places you truly most desire,

For your presence brings me to the Promised Land.


On Friday we can find something to discover,

Or listen to the tales of Oberon,

We can cuddle and hold hands on a cool Saturday night,

I’ll be searching for your love whilst woebegone.


I’ll be looking for your kisses when Sunday is nigh,

A kiss that separates me from my ire,

And next week we can do all this and much more again,

For your love is what I truly most desire.