Melissa Linstruth

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CSA Special Education Teacher Melissa Linstruth has worked at Lowell High School for 15 years. She had known that she wanted to be a teacher since she was 20 years old, as that’s when she realized that that was the way she wanted to help in the community. Before she made it onto the education path, she had started to become a nurse. Even before that, she started out in the babysitting business. When she finally did decide to become a teacher, she earned her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and her Graduate Degree in Severe Disabilities. 

Mrs. Linstruth grew up with one brother in Southboro, Massachusetts but has grown her family in Leominster. She now has two children, Maddyn (Age 12, Grade 6) and Jackson (Age 7, Grade 2), and their cat, Kitty Whiskers. Though she loves Leominster, Linstruth also loves to travel. So far, she has been to 10 countries, but her favorite destination so far has been Maine, USA. Since she can’t travel during the pandemic, her love for cooking has become more of a focus. 

Linstruth easily says that The Monkees is her favorite band, their best song being Last Train to Clarksville. Her current favorite book is Good Night Moon, and her favorite TV shows are Below DeckGhost Nation, and The Zoo. When asked if there was anything else she wanted to be added to her biography, Mrs. Linstruth mentioned her “obsession” with Doc Marten Shoes. 

When it comes to Lowell, she really enjoys all of the amazing food that you can get in the city. Within Lowell High School, though, she admires the diversity among the students.