Cluster 9 Student

It’s obvious the world is burnt

The crisp shards awaken death

Leads me to wonder

Would this be my last breath?

Holdin in my thoughts keeps me up at night

Sometimes I even turn on a light

In the dark place I find warmth

I tell these stories about war

I toss and turn

My bed becomes the same dread

My shadow awaits

This is my fate

My mind is so stuck with thoughts

Sometimes I sound like a robot

Its that time when I feel dead inside

Like, am I the crime?

Open the eyes and see my world

Covered by these white lies

That sing like birds

People tend to ask me

Are you ok?

Nah not today

Maybe tomorrow I say

But deep down I know

I won’t be the same

My mind plays with me

As if I were its video game

Would be ashamed if one day I could not play

But I don’t await for tomorrow

It’s not a promise given to us

It’s not written in a book

It not shared like picture or even written

In a historical scripture

Today is a step

Free your mind just in time

Don’t wait until the last breath

For then you are consumed by death