The Time I Had COVID-19

Brandon Quach


Not so long ago, in January, it was a Friday and was normal like any other Friday’s before. I was getting fried chicken for lunch for my Mom and myself, from next door. It was then I started to have an aching feeling in my head. I also felt like my throat was burning, and my nose started to run like water. I thought it was just a cold since I didn’t wear a hat or gloves when I went out. Then during the weekend, everything just got worse for me. I had dehydration, my throat was worse than before, and I had constant diarrhea. I thought it was maybe something I ate, but I was skeptical.
To make matters worse, my parents were experiencing it too. My dad had been tested two times on two separate occasions, one being after a party where one of his co-workers has been diagnosed with it, the other was during a workday in the workshop where my dad works. My Mom stayed at home most of the time because she’s busy with our family business. But she started to become weaker by the day, skin turned into a pale yellow color.
It was then we had to decide to take the test to see if we were infected. We try to get ourselves to get registered so we can be tested. Unfortunately, we called City Hall in Boston to get ourselves registered, but they keep asking baseless questions rather than what you think they should ask. One is what religion you follow, what social class, the college you go to, and one being, I quote, “Are you or anyone who is part of the LBGT or any organization that reaches equality?”.
So anyway, we scrapped the idea and scheduled a test at a site at Walgreens. So we got the test. It was weird to get a plastic stick shoved deep into my nostrils, and I started to hear weird noises and felt drowsy. They told us to wait for 5 days until the results come in.
Later that week, I started to feel worse and worse. I couldn’t stand or move around, my body was too weak to move, and it hurt more when I coughed. The only time where it doesn’t hurt is in the showers. The steam and temperature are good to loosen the throat and nostrils. Makes the joints hurt less too. But the bad part about it is getting out. Sleeping at night was okay, I guess. Most nights, I felt so cold. I wore thick layers and covered myself in thick blankets. I was still cold.
A few days later, results came back, and the results were positive. Well, I was the first one to confirm to have it. We assumed that my parents had it and my brother because he was coughing when we were in quarantine. I still feel like burnt garbage and vomit. We separated ourselves from our grandparents, who live with us at the moment, to prevent them from getting infected.
From a few days to a few weeks, slowly getting better, but my throat feels like someone shoved Elmer’s glue with wood chips and wood dust down it. I have been eating more often since then, but not too much. My parents asked us to have a family meeting.
From now on, we are to take Vitamins to have a better immune system, fight off COVID-19, and many others.
Right now, I’m already COVID-free, and everyone else is getting better. Hopefully, we can see our friends and family again. I also have been thinking about a girl as well.