The Black Queen

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection

The Storyteller

Alert the people and ring the bells

For out comes the demon, straight out of hell.

Here comes the most vulgar beaut you’ve ever seen,

Defend yourself from the deceit of the Black Queen.


With a single glance, she’ll pierce your soul,

The daughter of Hades comes dressed in gold.

She comes to tempt, to drag souls down

To the deep abyss where Death looms around.


Look out, for the Black Queen leaves no notice,

She seduces with the beauty of a white lotus,

If you dare submit to the Black Queen’s coos,

Then fear for life, for hell awaits you.


Now listen here, my fellow peers

If it’s a life you seek;

Do not let yourself fall for the Black Queen’s cheers,

The only ones who resist are the strong and the meek.


The Black Queen will trap you in false love,

She’ll fake being white and pure as a dove.

The minute after she lets her victim indulge,

Very little have lived to be able to divulge.


So beware of the Black Queen as she lurks tonight

Before she makes your life turn to plight.

She’ll run like a thief and kill like a knife,

You’ll birth curse she conceives and Death is the midwife.