A Father & Daughter

Hannah Muldoon

There’s a very special bond between a daughter and her dad, a closeness which grows deeper through the years. It starts the very moment that his “baby girl” is born, and strengthens as she shares her hopes and fears.

All throughout her lifetime, she is “daddy’s little girl”… she looks at him with such adoring eyes. He teaches her about the world with tenderness and love… he tries to be compassionate and wise.

She knows that she can turn to him, on any given day, and he’ll be there to help her…. If he can. He wants to make the time for her… that’s simply how it is… he always hopes to be “that kind of man.”

And as they travel on through life… their love grows deeper still, each grateful for the blessings they have had. Knowing without question that the greatest blessing of all. Is the love shared by a daughter and her father.