Kylie Jenner’s Donation to Her Makeup Artist Leads to Backlash

Kimleng Kit

A GoFundMe page for Samuel Rauda, Kylie’s former makeup artist, was posted on March 15, 2021, after Rauda had to undergo major life-saving emergency surgery on March 14, 2021. He was reported to be involved in a car accident that left him with a serious head injury. Rauda was described to be flying out of his vehicle and slamming his head into the pavement, giving him internal bleeding in his brain. His surgery was successful, and the GoFundMe page for his surgery raised about $100,000.

Upon hearing the news about Rauda from her current makeup artist, Kylie Jenner donated $5,000 to his GoFundMe account, which had an initial goal of $10,000 before it was changed to $120,000. She shared the news on her Instagram story, asking her followers to help support the GoFundMe page.

Kylie’s Instagram story received criticism from many people on the internet. People thought it was absurd for Kylie, a woman who made it to the Forbes list for “60 Richest Self-Made Women,” to turn to her fans for help with the donations when she was fully capable of helping pay for Rauda’s entire surgery. Her decision to not help cover Rauda’s surgery despite having a cosmetics empire that generates millions of dollars made many fans question her character.