Florida Family Arrested for Selling Covid-19 “Miracle Cure”

Kimleng Kit

A family in Florida has been selling bottled bleach and marketing it as a “miracle cure” for the coronavirus. Mark Grenon and his sons, Jonathan, Jordan, and Joseph, were charged with fraud and violating civil court orders.

The family has been creating chlorine dioxide solution in their backyard and marketing it as a cure for the coronavirus and other illnesses. The product was named “Miracle Mineral Solution,” and it contained sodium chlorite solution. The family encouraged their customers to mix the solution with an acidic activator which would transform the product into chlorine dioxide, also known as bleach.

They sold the products under the name of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing to avoid documentations and regulations. In addition to the coronavirus, the seller also promoted that their medicine could cure cancer, diabetes, HIV, malaria, and et cetera.

A civil case was filed against the family to discontinue their products. According to the court documents, the family reacted by threatening to use firearms to start “a Waco,” according to the court documents. They were charged with one count of committing fraud and two counts of criminal contempt with the possibility of life in prison.