Pride Haiku

Erin Shetler

This poem was written by a member of Rainbow Connections (LHS’s Gay-Straight Alliance). The colors of the rainbow pride flag each have a word that is associated with them. Red is life, orange is healing, yellow is sunlight, green is nature, blue is serenity, and violet is spirit. Each haiku represents one of the six colors/ words.


Life is too short to

Hold back your identity

So freely express.


To heal is to love

Healing helps the soul to love

Love who you want to


The sunlight is warm

Feel it in your heart and soul

Shine ever so bright


Abundant nature.

Laws of nature don’t defy.

Love is natural.


Self peace is self-love

Serenity of the mind

Calmness of the heart


What is true spirit?

Spirit in what you believe

Have spirit, share love.