Cluster 9 Student

This is it—the one final push. The great wall of success is getting closer but yet so far. It’s close to the end, just got to run some more. One hand on the last stretch, put your hand in that last spot, and pull. No need to worry about falling because your enroute to succeed even if you fall. Don’t allow the temptation to overrun yourself. Wake up and be successful, whether it’s making your bed or even 5 pushups—something to keep your mind moving. Wasting time is one of the most significant mistakes made by day-to-day people. Open yourself and make your own decisions because waiting for someone can cut you short and may not even end well. It’s up to oneself to open the mind of themself and see the world they want to live in. Living in an accursed world makes a weak person darker. Keep the light in yourself even when there is no hope. Don’t give up until the buzzer goes out. For now, just take a break and keep pushing.