Erin Shetler

As students

Most of us agree

The worst part of a test is seeing

“Why” or “Explain”

On an open response


The questions that can’t be answered

Mostly start with why

Why did this happen?

Why didn’t this happen?

Why them?

Why not me?


It is the question

That five year olds

Seem to be obsessed with

That we know is never going to end

But for some reason we play along

Until we have to say

“Because I said so”

And then we walk away


It is the last question

In the list of “w”s

Yet I seem to use it the most


It is the question

That can be answered

With a few words

A shrug

Or a ten hour-long discussion


Why is even a baseball player

He plays left field

With his friends

Who, What and I Don’t Know


Why is also a letter

Why the word why

Even features the letter

Which is acting as a vowel

Despite it not being included in

A, E, I, O, U


Because English thought it would be funny


But why “why”?

Why is why a loaded question

Who is a name

What is a response when you didn’t hear something

Or you can’t believe you just heard something

Where is a location

But why always requires analysis



Why why?

Why not?