Radiance of Hope

Disha Patel

Start full, burn till the end,

Stand firm against the gushes of wind

Don’t think to bend.

I am known for enlightening the world,

A ray of belief in the darkness of this world.


I am a part of people’s prosperity  and remorse,

I would ignite firecrackers to bring cheer,

I would be a ray of hope for dying men,

I would be a source of light for the needy,

I would be there when needed forever. 


I stand for right, when asked for justice,

I spread prosperity with my fragrance,

I can adorn your house with my dazzling, sparkling light,

I am remembered in loving memory of your beloved ones,

I would be there when needed forever. 


Still my value is unknown to many


My significance is overlooked by many.


But, please remember my purpose in life forever,

To spread compassion and enlighten your world.