Incomplete Without You

Disha Patel

I am sorry to all the housewives who were labeled “just housewives”.

I am sorry, every time your husband was outraged for preparing food late.

I am sorry, every time your children thought you were unemployed and jobless.

I am sorry, every time the fellow neighbors made you feel atrocious.

I am sorry, every time you were perceived as an old-fashioned or economic burden to society. 

You are felicitated with the title of “homemaker”.

 The role that deserves much appreciation but least appreciated.

Always remember, you are a pillar for your husband, a guiding light for your children, and a harbor for the family’s elderly.

The profession that struggles 24/7 without questioning and is paid nothing in return for their efforts.

Whereas every occupation has a day off in their lives, you are the only ones who serve and live every day for your loved ones.

You deserve to be appreciated, adored, and admired.

I apologize.