When You Close Your Eyes

Natasha Watts

What do you see when you close your eyes?


Sometimes I see gorgeous colors, beautiful enough to 

brighten up my entire day

Swirls of green and blue and other indescribable colors

I feel as though I could keep my eyes closed all-day


Sunsets take place behind my eyes

It’s like ten thousand stars are flickering 

right in front of me 


Sometimes I see nothing and I don’t want to keep my closed

I want my eyes to explore the world

Snowy fields, blue oceans, flowers in every color you can imagine 

Sudden rainstorms that soak the ground and leave behind giant, reaching rainbows 


I’ve never had a time where I did not reopen my eyes

As bad as the world can be sometimes,

The times where its beauty shines are worth it 

The world will never stop calling me back 

From a time where I close my eyes