Kristen Lopez-Ferreira


the years that are faded

when a smile wasn’t missing

to homework one was dedicated

all that was dangerous is kissing



the months that are happy

when hugging isn’t twisted

ratting liars isn’t sappy

helpful people persisted



the weeks that go by quick

when objectifying isn’t hot 

eating food doesn’t make you sick

drugs are just, not



the days that go by fast

when you’re not the broken stencil

no one makes you stay

you’re not told to stay still



the hours that quickly pass

when no one makes you stay

perfection isn’t hourglass

there were good games to play



the minutes that disappear

when your laugh is real

you can see clear

your skin had appeal



the seconds that are gone

when your gaze had one direction

you weren’t dreaming of dawn

nothing was a misconception


I’m a very morbid person

my life I clearly dread

but one thing is certain

you can’t Save what’s dead