Vociferation of Love

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection

The Storyteller

My mind is a new form of troubled,

In the days after we were no longer coupled,

I’ve got to find an escape, a new exit way

To keep my struggles and toils at bay.


But as long as I am able to see the bright sun rise,

I’ll fight to my death before I meet my demise.

I’ll keep pushing forward, whether I’m right or wrong,

Now more than ever, I’ve got to move on!


Move on, move on, it hurts to move on,

Move on, move on, the past is already drawn.

Move on, move on, must relearn how to love,

Move on, move on, want to fly free as a dove.


After months of loving invested,

I was left for another, uncontested.

Now I’ve got a lot of love, all built up and stored,

But what purpose does it serve with none to care for?


In due time, I’m sure I will push through,

I know pronto, I’ll be able to love anew.

There’s no more to say, c’est la vie,

I will move on, there’s no stopping me.


Move on, move on, it hurts to move on,

Move on, move on, the past is already drawn.

Move on, move on, I can’t do this, I’m a slave!

Move on, move on, I want to love you ‘til my dying day!


Now, listen to me, sister:


The force of love, you can’t resist her,

My great-grandfather used to say,

When he told his tales of the White Queen’s purrs

And how all was bright and gay.


I’m sorry, my dear friend, but I must go,

For without you, my life just gets harder.

My time has come to go the way of the Martyr

Who saved the White Queen all those years ago.


Forgive me, dear lady, but there is nothing left to do,

I lost my life the day I lost you.

Agony is scorching through my veins

And it’s driving me insane!


Insane! Inane! Afraid!

That’s how you left me.


Dismayed! Decayed! Downgrade!

Please don’t forget me.


My flames of love light up the sky,

My mem’ry of you sparks tears in my eyes,

Please say you love me, give me refuge and shade

Because I’ve gone insane! Inane! Afraid!


“The White Queen will see where hell awaits…”

“I’ll be by your side ‘til my dying day…”

“Deprive the White Queen of her life in ire…”

“For your love is what I truly most desire…”


“So beware the Black Queen as she lurks tonight…”

“With a single glance, she’ll pierce your soul…”

“You’ll birth curse she conceives and Death is the midwife…”

“The daughter of Hades comes dressed in gold…”


“And though today my heart still aches,

My heart still fills with love you make…”

“I give my blessing to you, we’ve made our amends,

But my love for you will always stay the same…”


And here, my tale has reached its end,

But my love for you, I continue to bear,

I’ll talk like my ancestors to you, my best friend;

“You were Queen of my world… I’ll always be there.”


“Good night, I love you…”

Never for me to hear again,

But while you can still see the sky, bright and blue,

Move on, move on, and learn to love anew.