I Remember

Erin Shetler

I remember

Way back in elementary school

Getting 24 valentines

One from each of my classmates

We would get the same things every year

Lollipops, stickers, temporary tattoos, and candy

It always brought a smile to my face


I remember

Way back in middle school

Getting one valentine

Throughout my four years there

It was from who I was dating at the time

They gave me a box of chocolates

Despite me not liking chocolate

I never blamed them

In fact

I ate many of them anyway

The other three years of middle school

I simply watched

As many of my friends got things

Teddy bears, chocolates, flowers

I often rolled my eyes

Although deep down

I really cared

And the sinking feeling

That I won’t have anybody

Began to form


I remember

Last year, freshman year

Getting no valentines

We were in a pandemic

So I didn’t expect anything whatsoever

I didn’t have a crush on anybody

At least at the time

But somehow

It still hurt

Seeing all of these couples

Still celebrating

Despite guidelines

Their love persevered

And the sinking feeling

That I won’t have anybody

Began to solidify


I remember

Asking my parents

Why they never celebrate

They both said

“If you really love somebody

You should celebrate them

Every day of the year

Not just one day in February”

And I agree with them

Some day

However far in the future

I will celebrate my love

Every minute that I am with them