Mountains & Molehills

Kristen Lopez-Ferreira

My cousin died last week,

you have a pop quiz.

Your attitude is more negative,

so I guess, compared to yours, my problems are meek.


My ankles feel broken,

your ear itches.

You made the bigger deal,

so my problem will stay unspoken.


My sister is a bully,

your cousin made a joke about your crush.

You vented for hours,

but you’ve never heard a single problem of mine fully.


My head’s been pounding two days,

you have a passing migraine.

You make an excessively large scene,

and unnoticed, my problem stays.


I can’t keep food in anymore,

you need to talk about your outfit.

I already know what to do,

from being held shut, my mouth is sore.


Are friends not supposed to listen to each other?

I’ve heard an abundance of your problems,

you haven’t the faintest idea what’s going on in my life

because you don’t ask, you don’t even bother.