The Human Behavior Toward Nature

Chhairayuth Nguon, 16, was born in Cambodia. He is a Junior at Lowell High School. He likes to read books. He wants to go to college and study engineering.


Chhairayuth Nguon

Nature is so important for our planet and ecosystem’s long term health. However, in the last few years some people in Cambodia have been destroying the country’s nature and natural resources. Some have deforested large sections of Cambodian forest, others have killed animals and sold them to other countries.

Cambodia has one of the largest forests in the world. But since 2000, Cambodia has lost about one fourth of its primary forest. Another problem Cambodia is facing is that a lot of the country’s wildlife is under threat. A lot of the threat is because of illegal wildlife trade and reduced forests. Illegal wildlife trade happens because of high prices and the  highest prices are paid for the rarest  species. Vulnerable wild animals are pushed further to the edge of extinction when nature can’t replenish their stocks to keep up with the rate of human consumption. Some of the animals that are most under the threat are Asian elephants, Siamese crocodiles, wild water buffalo, Sunda pangolin, and the Germain’s silver langurs. 

Luckily there are many organizations that are helping to  protest the forests in Cambodia. One is the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) which is a global organization and one of the oldest institutions working to save wildlife and wild places worldwide, including in Cambodia where it works in rural areas. WCS tries to change human attitudes towards nature, and wildlife. In Cambodia  the The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC) works with the Forest Administration, local governments, communities and NGOs to help establish  the community forestry branch of forestry whereby the local community plays a significant role in forest management. Another organization is the Cambodia Supporting Forests and Biodiversity  (SFB) project), which aims to protect forests and maintain economic growth through sustainable forest management practices. 

In Cambodia there is much more that can be done to protect wildlife and forest, when you are on the road or go to visit the forest you most likely have not seen too many trees or animals. So I think we should make a law that helps people rethink how they value the forest and animals so that they stop making unnecessary actions that can kill animals and lose a lot of trees. This law can protect a lot of animals and trees. A lot of people don’t really know how important nature is in the world. In order to help more people to know how important it is we should  make programs or shows on TV or even in social media. This could be a more efficient way to teach little kids and students, let them know how lovely the nurture is  and make them want to protect it.  

Nature is very important for our existence because it provides us with food, air to breathe, and clear water to drink. Together we can protect it.