the rain on my window

Erin Shetler

The rain on my window

taps a new rhythm

it is not constant

but it is continuous


it sounds almost fake

as if it is coming

from a white noise app;

in waves, it gets louder

then quiet again


I check my weather app

the bright light blinds me

since I haven’t used my phone

in a bit less than an hour

I go to the map tab;

over my house

is an orange-red hue

it says it’s going to continue

until at least 2:30 AM

it is now only 11:48


the wave of loudness comes back

waking my dog

who was sleeping

at the end of my bed

he doesn’t mind the rain

but the sound scares him

he stands and walks closer to me

deciding to lay down

in the bend of my knees

propping up his head

on the top of my shin


I begin to wonder

what will happen in two years

when I’m off at college

what will he do

when he gets scared of the rain

and what will I do

when I expect him

to burrow into my legs

but he isn’t there


he lets out a big sigh,

assuring me that it will be ok

so I make sure my alarms are on

and I put down my phone

and I drift asleep

as I listen to

the rain on my window