it’s been a while

Erin Shetler

As May approaches

I notice you are sinking

into the horizon.

I see you every night

as I’m walking my dog

yet I know you can’t see me.

You stand there in the sky

still on your hunt.

Going from one end of the sky

to the other,

eventually disappearing

as the weather begins to get warmer.

It is a tradition for me

when you are visible

that I say hi

as I leave my house.

I’m not completely sure why or how it started

but you are one of the few constellations

that I can always recognize

without much effort.

I wish you would be here in the summer

when I go camping

and are able to see more stars,

too many to ever count.

You always end up leaving.

Even though I know it’s coming

it’s still sort of sad.

But it’s ok,

because I know

that as soon as the weather changes again

and the leaves on the trees become bright

you will be back;

and I will step outside with my dog,

look up, and say,

“Hi Orion,

it’s been a while”