Hannah Muldoon

Equal, Fair, Free.

Words that have described America from day one.

Words that have been told to so many people looking for a chance at happiness.

Disappointment, Disgust, Hatred.

Those are the words that should be describing this unfair, corrupted society.

The pain you have to endure to even slightly make it here in America.

The constant battle of rights and wrongs.

We can say there are some positives, sure. I can say that we are more diverse than before.

I can say that there are no battles anymore, but there’s a fight still going on,

Whether you want to see it or not.

I wanna be a proud American, but what’s there to be proud of when no change has aroused?

There’s a lot to be fixed. Until then, I cannot say that I am proud to be an American.

As of now, I am not one.