Succulents and Cacti – How to Take Care of Them in the Winter

Sakhi Patel


Fall is slowly fading away into the cold months of winter. This will tell you the right information on how to take care of your cactus! 


Here are some steps you can take to protect your succulents in the cold:


       1. Avoid watering your cacti and succulents too much

These plants don’t get much sunlight in the winter time, so it is wiser to water them every 4-6 weeks. The soil will form algae and fungus with extra water in the pot as they become dormant.

      2. Do not add fertilizer

The chemicals in the fertilizer may damage the plant, since it is not getting as much light, especially during dormancy.

      3. Try to give them as much light as possible

Even though your succulents and cacti are in a dormant stage and wouldn’t grow, it is still important for them to receive as much sunlight as possible.


There it is! These are some tips to keep in mind during the winter months. I have several cacti and succulents of my own and follow these tips to keep them healthy and prevent them from dying. I hope this advice is helpful for you and your plant!