The Crochet Diaries: History of Crocheting and Introduction to Stitches

Sakhi Patel

Crocheting is the art of making garments and textiles by joining loops of yarn together. It was founded in France and the name ‘crochet’ translates to ‘hook’. In crocheting, as you may have guessed, hooks are used to join the ‘loops’. 




Single Crochet and Chains

This is one of the simplest stitches in beginner-level crochet. While it is often used to make small swatches, it also plays a great role in bigger projects like blankets, sweaters, hats, etc. Chains are very simple to do and are part of the foundation of many crocheted items. Here is a link to a video teaching you how to make a chain and stitch a single crochet.


Half Double Crochet

This stitch is a little bit more advanced than the single crochet, but is still pretty simple. In this stitch, you make two loops and connect them at once. Here is a link to a video teaching you how to do a half-double crochet.


Double Crochet

This stitch requires a little more technique than the half-double crochet but is just as simple. It is just like the half-double crochet, except that the two loops you create are stitched individually. Here is a link to the video teaching you how to do a double crochet.


**There are lots of other stitches like the Treble and Pivot Stitches**