flying hubris: an Icarus retelling

Erin Shetler

I push off from the cliff towards the cerulean ocean bellow
my father’s revolutionary craft was tied to my flapping
the warmth of Helios temps me to go higher
so long we have been trapped, hidden away
finally, we are free, with only the ocean between us and our future
I continue higher, unable to resist Helios’s temptations
I hear my father calling out my name as I soar higher
the cool mist of the clouds touches my warm skin
my wings plead with me to slow down
but I can’t ignore Helios’s call
the sound of my father’s workshop rings through my ears
the sound of metal against metal
I pump my arms, trying to stay among the clouds
the Anemoi cause my arms to flail
my heart beats through my whole body
I cartwheel through the sky
heading towards the water
my father yells my name
I scream for help
I pray to the Gods
I beg them to spare me
I pass my father
I can’t stop
the Gods don’t answer me
the impact of the water burns
the metal tied to me drags me further down into Posiden’s domain
I try to swim back for the surface
but I am in the hands of the Fates now
and they have decided to cut my string