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An Abusive Relationship Under Our Noses

Frantzcesca Charles

March 10, 2020

 No one can forget the wild period in mainstream popularity when vampires sparkled in the sun, and werewolves looked like shirtless Taylor Lautner. It seems like the majority of vampire/werewolf fantasy YA's owe Stephenie Meyers a big one for fueling the flames in that genre of content. Shows like...

The Joker’s Delusions

Frantzcesca Charles

December 13, 2019

American filmmaker Todd Phillips tries his hand in a serious and realistic take on the DC super-villain, Joker. Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is a depressing yet entertaining story of the life of Arthur Fleck and how he came to be the chaotic villain that we best know him by. Joker takes place in New Yo...

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