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Black History Month

Edna Bonsu February 6, 2022

Since its inception in 1976, Black History Month has been celebrated every February in the United States. Black History Month is not only a time to honor the black men and women who have made this country...

The Festival of Lights: From My Diwali to Yours

The Festival of Lights: From My Diwali to Yours

Siya Patel November 2, 2021

Diwali, known as the ‘festival of lights’ by many, is the most popular holiday in India and for Indians living all over the world. It marks the start of the Hindu new year, which falls in the month...

The Haunting History of Halloween

The Haunting History of Halloween

Emma Burns October 17, 2021

For many, Halloween is a beloved holiday full of family traditions and childhood memories. But where did this wildly popular Holiday come from? Well, it began with the Celts, a group of peoples who lived...

LHS is Unusually Quiet

Sophia Mirabal September 28, 2021

Pre-pandemic, LHS was characterized by the hustle and bustle of hallway crowds and classroom chatter, blooming with fervent talk and easy conversation. As in-person learning returns, we have been reintroduced...

Pride Haiku

Erin Shetler June 9, 2021

This poem was written by a member of Rainbow Connections (LHS’s Gay-Straight Alliance). The colors of the rainbow pride flag each have a word that is associated with them. Red is life, orange is healing,...

What Pride Means to Us

Erin Shetler June 9, 2021

As many already know, June is National Pride Month. To celebrate pride this year, the LHS Rainbow Alliance, including myself, have written this paper to tell the history of pride and share what pride means...

Outside the Streetlights

Erin Shetler May 3, 2021

I begin my walk I step to the beat of Killer Queen as it plays through my earbuds My heart pounds as I near the darkest section of the street No streetlights to protect me   My dog...

National Independent Bookstore Day

Douglas Forsythe April 13, 2021

The story for this article starts a week or so back when I was, like a normal teenager, watching a little documentary on the Rare Book Business in New York. I could literally describe the film for an entire...

St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Erin Shetler, Author March 15, 2021

When people initially think about St. Patrick’s Day many think about bars being filled, people getting pinched if they don’t wear green, and Irish flags flying high. But how did this holiday start?...

Being An Ally

Erin Shetler January 5, 2021

In 2020 going into 2021, the word 'ally' has been used a lot. Overall, it means someone who supports a cause or a group of people. In this case, we will be discussing what it means in terms of the LGBTQIA+...

Diversity in Career Paths

Natasha Watts December 1, 2020

To quote an extremely overused phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do.” When children see people who look like them, speak the same language as them, have the same sexual orientation as they do, or grew up...

The Minority is the Majority

Kimleng Kit March 10, 2020

Children who are exposed to diverse environments tend to get a headstart in career preparation. Since students from different backgrounds tend to approach a problem according to their experiences, they...

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