The LHS Review

Unified Basketball Undefeated!

Siya Patel November 22, 2021

LHS Pride is at a high as our school’s Unified Basketball team finished the season undefeated with a score of 6-0, earning the title of league champions. Unified Basketball is a varsity sport that...

The Hospital

The Winner of the 2021 Harrowing Horrors Writing Contest
Jessie B-H November 2, 2021

Every day at three P.M., on the dot. That’s when they’d inject her with the clear liquid encased in a syringe. She’d gotten used to the feeling of the needle plunging into her left arm—almost as...

LHS’ Sixth Annual Women’s Conference: Recap and Thoughts of an MC

Alejandro Bonilla April 7, 2021

On Tuesday, March 22, Lowell High School hosted its sixth annual Women’s Month conference via Zoom, courtesy of the event’s planning committee and technology instructional specialist, Ms. Malinda Pires....

Returning to In-Person Learning

Portia Yeboah April 7, 2021

Lowell High School is expected to return to in-person learning on April 26th. It will not be like pre-Covid; students will be online, just in a different environment. Everyone must follow the safety guidelines...

Updates on In-Person Learning and Its Pros and Cons

Kimleng Kit February 22, 2021

On Monday, February 22, the Lowell Public schools brought back students who are a part of the substantially separate program (students who need learning assistance) for in-person learning. They are also...

Should We Prioritize Reopening Schools?

Portia Yeboah February 8, 2021

President Biden is prioritizing reopening schools as part of his Covid-19 plan. However, should schools reopen? Here we talk through why or why not schools should open back up their doors. Yes, we should...

MA Sports Update

MA Sports Update

Portia Yeboah October 6, 2020

The commonwealth of Massachusetts has released a document on youth and amateur sports and how to further proceed. This is effective as of the 17th of August, 2020.  It is categorized into Low, Moderate,...

Lowell Internships

A Quick Look into Local Internships!
Portia Yeboah March 10, 2020
A Quick Look into Local Internships!

Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate!

Join us this Friday!
Jayanny Oliveira February 11, 2020

This Valentine’s Day join us in front of B-House where we will be selling cookies and flowers with our hot chocolate! Buy one for yourself and a friend! $1 for a rose and $1 for two cookies. This is...

Mill City Youth Forum

A Series Featuring LHS Clubs
Natasha Watts January 21, 2020

The Mill City Youth Forum is a place where students are given a voice. They are given a platform where they can speak in a way that really expresses themselves without judgment or fear. Their expression...

Outdoor Adventure Club- Calling All Adventurers and Explorers!

A Series Featuring LHS Clubs
Portia Yeboah January 14, 2020

Those who are interested in going outdoors and having new experiences should join Lowell High’s Outdoor Adventure Club. Students go hiking, camping, canoeing, ice skating, and so much more! This club...

Tips For The New Semester

Jayanny Oliveira January 14, 2020

With finals season upon us, you might be spending a lot more time worrying about that test you need to makeup, or counting the hours of sleep you’ll lose if you stay up until 2 A.M. During these rushed...

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