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Awesome Resources For Students During Quarantine

Kimleng Kit

October 6, 2020

4 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy   This video provides tips on how you can maintain your mental health. While it is important to be physically healthy, it’s also essential to keep what’s going on in your mind in check. Being stuck in a pandemic and even worse being locked inside the ...

Two Options, One Choice

Two Options, One Choice

Timothy Nguyen

June 5, 2020

The Dalai Lama once said that “It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” Today, many of us are not taking that responsibility, and as a result of our carelessness, the Earth is polluting. Water is becoming unsafe to drink. Air is beco...

The Minority is the Majority

Kimleng Kit

March 10, 2020

Children who are exposed to diverse environments tend to get a headstart in career preparation. Since students from different backgrounds tend to approach a problem according to their experiences, they are more likely to come up with a creative outcome. Studies from Harvard Business Law also suggest that "higher ...

An Abusive Relationship Under Our Noses

Frantzcesca Charles

March 10, 2020

 No one can forget the wild period in mainstream popularity when vampires sparkled in the sun, and werewolves looked like shirtless Taylor Lautner. It seems like the majority of vampire/werewolf fantasy YA's owe Stephenie Meyers a big one for fueling the flames in that genre of content. Shows like...

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