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Extra Red Wine


March 10, 2020

Wine and Cyanide Poured into a glass The cook had made a plan   She’d kill the queen And steal the jewels For the maiden needed fame   Her heart depended on this dear plan For it would shatter if it failed As she would lose the maiden Along with any chance at...

The Maiden

The Storyteller

February 11, 2020

Dressed in a black satin dress Her hair is almost always a mess She’s cunning and divine   Her lips bright red Against her will For natural is more her style   She danced and twirled At this midnight ball She was ordered to attend   A suitor she needs To keep...

Bon Appetit

The Storyteller

January 28, 2020

The cook serves food To one and all Who venture through the castle   One fateful night Came through a maiden Who did not leave her sight   The cook was drawn  Right to this maiden As she danced the night away   With two left feet  She tried to fit in ...

The Tale Of The White Queen

The Storyteller

January 21, 2020

The White Queen sits on her bright golden throne, Over the kingdom she calls her own. Let the people come and all the bells ring For it is time for me to tell about when I was king.   We were like two Junebugs on a fine summer’s night, For hours we cuddled to our own delight....

Pretty Eyes

Jayanny Oliveira

January 8, 2020

Sunday afternoons, Will always be our time Before heartbreak, before pain  Long before our comfort is disturbed.   Where we’ll drift off during movies In the dark evenings of autumn Awkward limbs tangling together As I reach for the mug in your grips.   Sunday mornings, ...

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