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A Father & Daughter

Hannah Muldoon March 25, 2021

There’s a very special bond between a daughter and her dad, a closeness which grows deeper through the years. It starts the very moment that his “baby girl” is born, and strengthens as she shares...

Run, Climb, Escape

Erin Shetler March 8, 2021

Run. Sticks cracked beneath my feet. Run. I couldn’t look back. Not now, not ever. Run. I couldn’t remember how long I had been running for. Run.  My eyes darted around looking...

The Black Queen

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
The Storyteller March 3, 2021

Alert the people and ring the bells For out comes the demon, straight out of hell. Here comes the most vulgar beaut you’ve ever seen, Defend yourself from the deceit of the Black Queen.   With...


Cluster 9 Student February 9, 2021

It's obvious the world is burnt The crisp shards awaken death Leads me to wonder Would this be my last breath? Holdin in my thoughts keeps me up at night Sometimes I even turn on a light In...


Hannah Muldoon February 8, 2021

Is something I keep inside. That boils in me and makes me want to cry. I hold it in to keep away the pain. So it seems I'm okay. But instead, I started to drift away.   Sorrow, grief,...

What I Truly Most Desire

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
The Storyteller January 28, 2021

On Monday I go write another poem, Tuesday I play waltzes for the choir. But fear not, my queen, I will always make some time for you, For your love is what I truly most desire.   We...

Too Old, Too Young

Erin Shetler January 27, 2021

Being a teen is ever so hard Its the part in life you want to disregard You never thought it would be this difficult Having to jump through hoops on an impossible catapult People always warned you...


Hannah Muldoon January 23, 2021

Never thought it would come to this. Look at you over there with all your lies. Still begging on your knees for forgiveness. Look at the outcome that we came to. Looking at life in two different...


Sophia Mirabal January 19, 2021

The burn out, moth eaten, child appears in the mirror.  Eyelids heavy and heaving they are, mouth gaping, gasping, he is carried everywhere. Not a burden, however beloved and precious, not curled in...


Hannah Muldoon January 7, 2021

A person who's supposed to love, care, and protect you. But instead hurt and discouraged the ones she's obligated to love. I look at all the families with smiles on their faces. Then I looked at us,...


The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
The Storyteller January 6, 2021

Combing her hair The maiden thought  "What a shame about that cook"   That cook was delightful Blue and gold eyes So soft skin But without any real title   For a night...


Erin Shetler January 5, 2021

New school, new faces, all through screens You can't go through this, especially as a teen School gives you enough stress already Even though we've just begun, you are already unsteady 'Just do the...

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