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Natasha Watts November 15, 2021

I'm here I'm present I'm here   Checked out but not away My mind is blank But my body's present Thinking or not, I'm here   Standing beside those above me Lacking...


Kristen Lopez-Ferreira November 15, 2021

Save the years that are faded when a smile wasn’t missing to homework one was dedicated all that was dangerous is kissing   Save the months that are happy when hugging isn’t...

When You Close Your Eyes

Natasha Watts November 5, 2021

What do you see when you close your eyes?   Sometimes I see gorgeous colors, beautiful enough to  brighten up my entire day Swirls of green and blue and other indescribable colors I...

Incomplete Without You

Disha Patel October 28, 2021

I am sorry to all the housewives who were labeled “just housewives”. I am sorry, every time your husband was outraged for preparing food late. I am sorry, every time your children thought you...

Radiance of Hope

Disha Patel October 28, 2021

Start full, burn till the end, Stand firm against the gushes of wind Don’t think to bend. I am known for enlightening the world, A ray of belief in the darkness of this world.   I...


Erin Shetler October 18, 2021

As students Most of us agree The worst part of a test is seeing “Why” or “Explain” On an open response   The questions that can’t be answered Mostly start with why Why...

The Descendant

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
The Storyteller October 17, 2021

I’m a simple man from a simple land, A kingdom of love, prosperity hand in hand. Our story goes back to a Storyteller’s tales, Of a White Queen’s happy fables.   But every night...

The Stranger (But not by Camus)

Douglas Forsythe October 15, 2021

I met a stranger at an Inn But that is not how the story goes Wandering through my mind  I met said stranger in my home Amongst cluttered thoughts and Assorted ramblings I was working...


Douglas Forsythe October 15, 2021

It’s funny in a way Kerouac and Coltrane died yesterday One a drunk, the other deified Small town names  Making giant steps for mankind Though the road they rode  made them beaten...

Friend to Friend… Revisited

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
The Storyteller September 25, 2021

A word in your ear, for you from a friend That I'm here to hear the words you'll say. I give my blessing to you, we've made some amends But, my love for you will always stay the same.   Look...

Pride Haiku

Erin Shetler June 9, 2021

This poem was written by a member of Rainbow Connections (LHS’s Gay-Straight Alliance). The colors of the rainbow pride flag each have a word that is associated with them. Red is life, orange is healing,...

Outside the Streetlights

Erin Shetler May 3, 2021

I begin my walk I step to the beat of Killer Queen as it plays through my earbuds My heart pounds as I near the darkest section of the street No streetlights to protect me   My dog...

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