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Hannah Muldoon May 4, 2022

Equal, Fair, Free. Words that have described America from day one. Words that have been told to so many people looking for a chance at happiness. Disappointment, Disgust, Hatred. Those are...

it’s been a while

Erin Shetler April 26, 2022

As May approaches I notice you are sinking into the horizon. I see you every night as I’m walking my dog yet I know you can’t see me. You stand there in the sky still on your hunt. Going...

Hunger & Death

Kristen Lopez-Ferreira April 9, 2022

My stomach growls. No- it howls. I’m seeking an escape. My body’s lost its shape. I can’t tell if it’s today or tomorrow, if this emotion is glee or sorrow. I’m nearing a river with...

the rain on my window

Erin Shetler April 8, 2022

The rain on my window taps a new rhythm it is not constant but it is continuous   it sounds almost fake as if it is coming from a white noise app; in waves, it gets louder then...

Waltz With Reality

Douglas Forsythe March 29, 2022

Stepping from one world to the next I find myself entangled in a waltz with reality A macabre dance upon the edifice of humanity Upon the cliffs of reason  Where its tender grasp  Doesn’t...

Mountains & Molehills

Kristen Lopez-Ferreira March 10, 2022

My cousin died last week, you have a pop quiz. Your attitude is more negative, so I guess, compared to yours, my problems are meek.   My ankles feel broken, your ear itches. You...

Center of the Universe

Erin Shetler February 28, 2022

One of my favorite songs from Rent Starts by saying: “New York City, center of the universe” I have gone many times And that is exactly what it’s like   It is a bit past 10...


Kristen Lopez-Ferreira February 8, 2022

On the edge of deep slumber I force my eyelids to open I’m beginning to wonder If I’m dreaming awake again   Damage from head to toe Limbs forgetting their function I can’t...

I Remember

Erin Shetler January 30, 2022

I remember Way back in elementary school Getting 24 valentines One from each of my classmates We would get the same things every year Lollipops, stickers, temporary tattoos, and candy It...

Vociferation of Love

The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
The Storyteller January 18, 2022

My mind is a new form of troubled, In the days after we were no longer coupled, I’ve got to find an escape, a new exit way To keep my struggles and toils at bay.   But as long as...

Didn’t Feel Like December

Erin Shetler January 4, 2022

This December didn’t feel like December There was no snowstorm Where my brother would beg For me to have a snowball fight Or to go sledding with him   This December didn’t feel...


Natasha Watts November 15, 2021

I'm here I'm present I'm here   Checked out but not away My mind is blank But my body's present Thinking or not, I'm here   Standing beside those above me Lacking...

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