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A Brief History of EC Comics

Douglas Forsythe October 1, 2021

While not as well known as Marvel or DC, EC Comics has still left its mark on everything from Television to Music or even Horror as a whole. We have all seen its influence; For some, it might have been...

(Spoiler-FREE) “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” Review

Erin Shetler September 27, 2021

This review does not contain any spoilers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It does not include scenes from the trailers.   Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings started its...

(SPOILERS) “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” Review

Erin Shetler September 27, 2021

  !!!ATTENTION: THIS MOVIE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Spoilers for the following: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, WandaVision, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer, Black...

New Movies and Television Shows Coming in October

Erin Shetler September 27, 2021

New Movies Venom: Let There be Carnage (October 1), rated PG-13, starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson, Adventure/Superhero, directed by Andy Serkis Diana: The Musical (October 1), rated PG-13,...

2021 Oscars in Review

Sophia Mirabal May 7, 2021

The 93rd Academy Awards were held Sunday, the 25th, after a two-month delay in proceeding. The hostless, in-person event occurred between Union Station in downtown LA and the Hollywood Dolby Theatre. Though...

Back to Broadway

Erin Shetler May 5, 2021

On March 12th, 2020, Broadway was shut down. Although some showings were initially just postponed, eventually every theater was closed. In New York City alone, 96,000 performers lost their jobs and millions...

Kylie Jenner’s Donation to Her Makeup Artist Leads to Backlash

Kimleng Kit April 6, 2021

A GoFundMe page for Samuel Rauda, Kylie’s former makeup artist, was posted on March 15, 2021, after Rauda had to undergo major life-saving emergency surgery on March 14, 2021. He was reported to be involved...

A Fictional Mars

Douglas Forsythe March 8, 2021

On the 18th of February, 2021, the Perseverance Rover reached Mars and took its first photo of the Jezero Crater. With this spectacular development, I think it would be interesting to talk about how Mars...

New Movies & Television Shows coming in March

Erin Shetler March 8, 2021

Movies: Dreamcatcher (March 5), rated R, starring Niki Koss, Zachary Gordon, and Lou Ferrigno Jr., Thriller/ Mystery, directed by Jacob Johnston Chaos Walking (March 5), rated PG-13, starring Tom...

A Review of On Tyranny

Non-Required Reads With Douglas Forsythe
Douglas Forsythe January 23, 2021

After several years of wandering through the dark tunnel, we have finally reached the light at the end. Where a man who stood for the very things our country was built to fight against a man who promises...

Non-Required Reads with Douglas Forsythe

Douglas Forsythe January 5, 2021

Hello, if you are reading this, then you are about to witness the beginning of a bi-weekly column where I will recommend a book I have read. These Recommendations might include novels, collections of short...

New Movies & Television Shows coming in January

Erin Shetler January 5, 2021

Movies: The Little Things (January 29), rated R, starring Denzel Washington and Rami Malek, crime/ thriller, directed by John Lee Hancock No Mans Land (January 22), rated PG-13, starring Frank...

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